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Pastor Shannon Explains God’s Unfailing Love

Pastor Shannon Real Community Church God Unfailable Love Sept 2018 Sermon Blog

Pastor Shannon, like many others, is in awe of the concept of unfailing love. God’s love for his children is perfect and absolute. In this blog, Pastor Shannon explains how God’s unfailing love is possible and how God’s love for us doesn’t stop because we are imperfect!

“I don’t know about you…but the older I get…the more I’m becoming aware of how incredibly imperfect and flawed I really am. (Way more than all of you I’m sure!)

I mean…do you ever look in the mirror and wonder how on earth God can love the deeply flawed person staring back at you? I’ll be honest…sometimes I really struggle with that. Why DOES HE still love this incredibly flawed & imperfect person? Really…why does God love ANY of us when we’re constantly making such a big mess out of everything?

But here’s a simple way to better grasp this: For those of us who are parents…think back to when our kids were newborns. Consider the fact that…when we first brought our ‘bundle of joy’ home from the hospital…we were literally bringing home the most SELFISH ME-CENTERED INDIVIDUALS we’ll ever know. (Follow me here!)

Think about it: Our newborns didn’t care one bit about how much sleep we got, they didn’t care about how much money we’d spend on raising them, they didn’t even care if we got a chance to eat our dinner or even got 5 minutes of peace just to use the bathroom! Our babies were easily the most selfish me-centered individuals we’d ever met. It’s what they do…they’re babies!

And yet…there was never a moment that we considered NOT loving them. Yes, maybe we cried out for mercy in very colorful words…(haha)…but we never stopped loving and caring for them…even for a minute. They are our flesh and blood…no matter how imperfect and flawed they were.

Our Heavenly Father sees us in a similar way. Since we’ve been adopted into His family thru His amazing grace, even when we are at our WORST…even in our most SELFISH ME-CENTERED moments…He doesn’t stop loving us. We’re HIS children. He gave His life for us! He won’t stop caring for, nurturing, or guiding us into maturity. His love is unfailing!

All I can say is…UH-MAZING. I don’t deserve His perfect love, but today I’m so overwhelmed to be the recipient of it.”


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