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Pastor Shannon Real Community Church God Unfailable Love Sept 2018 Sermon Blog

Pastor Shannon Explains God’s Unfailing Love

Pastor Shannon, like every other human on earth, is in awe of the concept of unfailing love. God’s love for his children is perfect and full of empathy. In this blog, Pastor Shannon explains how God’s unfailing love is possible – how God’s love for us doesn’t stop because we are imperfect – how deserving

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Real Community Church Pastor Shannon empathy forgiveness Sept 2018 Sermon Blog

Pastor Shannon: The Destructive Power of Being Offended

“Take no offense. That which offends you only weakens you. Being offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place – so transcend your ego and stay in peace.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer Pastor Shannon addresses the issue of the destructive power of being offended in an insightful way. A few

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Real Community Church Power of the tongue Aug 2018 Sermon Blog

The Power of the Tongue – Real Community Church

Real Community Church successfully launched on September 8th in Lee’s Summit. Pastor Shannon, recently of Grace Church, is working to bring together a community of Christians who value God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, and seek His word through scripture. Today’s message is about how the Power of the Tongue can impact ourselves and our community. Jesus said, “The words that

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Real Community Church Launch Blog Aug 2018

Real Community Church – Lee’s Summmit, MO

Real Community Church is launching in Lee’s Summit on September 8th & 9th! Pastor Shannon, his wife Hollie, and children Trinity, Corban, and Shiloh, are excited to welcome you on this exciting journey. Pastor Shannon, originally from the Chicago area, spent several years in law enforcement before transitioning into full time ministry. Since then he

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